In this dangerous platformer game, the worlds most powerful weapon - Remote Nuke Activator (RNA) was stolen and is currently with the top runner. The player has to secure this RNA by beating other online players and by topping the "Leaderboards" chart.  

The Game offers 3 different variety of game plays within one game, thus keeps the game from being monotonous. Along with the standard Run and Jump, the player has to travel to space and use different gadgets like “Jetpack” and “Space Pod” (each has different controls”). The player has to always be prepared to survive the dangerous obstacles like cars, missiles, rockets and other explosives. Players can collect chips which can be used to upgrade the power ups – Shield, Magnet, Roller blades and Invisible. 

“This game gets my adrenaline pumping” says Mike Steel, a fan of the game.

The game has a very Techno style UI, nice graphics and nice background music.

The game has steaming missions and generous bonus, which help in “Save Me” in the next run. 

The game is an multi-player game and offers a convenient way of registering to leaderboards by using Facebook or just creating a user name for the non-facebook users. As the game progresses, the players can see other players (Ghost), whom they are beating. 

***Game Features***
* Different game plays with Gadgets like Rollerblade / Jetpack / Spacepod 
* Compete in Leaderboards worldwide
* Steaming Missions
* Eye-popping Game Environments
* Enhanced Power-Ups with Upgrades 
* Surprise Bonus Gifts

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Android

Pricing and Availability:
IrunChase is a free to play game available worldwide through App Store & Google Play Store in the Games Arcade category. 


The iRun Chase is an addicting endless 2D game where you Run, Jump, Fly and Glide to avoid dangerous obstacles. iRun Chase continuously keeps the player on his/her toes by changing the Game Play. The main protagonist of the game is a Spy who has to secure a stolen Remote Nuke Activator(RNA). The Chase is to get to the Top by beating all the other players. Only the Top player holds the RNA. The Player has to travel through different worlds, dark underground, underwater and space. The game offers a variety of missions. Although the Game controls are accessible and easy so that every player can just pick up the game and start playing getting to the Top requires players to obtain great skill to overcome the obstacles.


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