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​The iRun Chase is an addicting endless 2D game where you Run, Jump, Fly and Glide to avoid dangerous obstacles. iRun Chase continuously keeps the player on his/her toes by changing the Game Play. The main protagonist of the game is a Spy who has to secure a stolen Remote Nuke Activator(RNA). The Chase is to get to the Top by beating all the other players. Only the Top player holds the RNA. The Player has to travel through different worlds, dark underground, underwater and space. The game offers a variety of missions. Although the Game controls are accessible and easy so that every player can just pick up the game and start playing getting to the Top requires players to obtain great skill to overcome the obstacles.​

“Flocks” is a new side scrolling adventure for the casual gaming audience.

In Flocks, the player, frees birds and leads the Flock of birds through a castle avoiding pillars. The game progressively becomes difficult as the number of follower birds (flock) increases. The player has to strategically choose to add followers to the flock. Higher risk have higher rewards – each follower multiplies the Score but makes the game play more difficult.

The game is a  classic arcade game with meaningful Progression.

iRun Chase: Run, Jump, Fly and One Game

Flocks: A Modern Take On Classic Arcade Game.

Flocks: A Modern Take On Classic Arcade Game.