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The Game play itself is fairly simple but the Player has to Strategically free follower birds to balance the difficulty and getting high scores.

The player has to just Tap to fly the lead bird and collect follower birds, berries and potions on the way but avoid the random pillars.

The Tension rises as the number of followers increases. The Followers can quickly add up and help the player reach higher scores, but at the same time the more number of birds make it difficult to maneuver through the pillars. On the go players can collect berries which can be used to upgrade the power ups ( Magnet, Shield and Invisibility). Within game there is Funzone where the Birds ride a fun chariot which gives the player a breathing moment.

The Game allows player to compete against other players. Player can see which player he/she is competing against at the bottom of the screen.

The player can earn potions which can be used for “Save me”, thus allowing the player to reach higher scores. The player can earn potions by completing 30+ achievements, and claiming Time Bonus.

The Game brings nice original graphics and soothing music to compliment the game play.
Game Features:
* Lead bird avoiding Castle pillars.
* Strategically free follower birds to balance the difficulty and getting high scores.
* Compete against other players
* Collect Berries to upgrade Power Ups ( Magnet, Shield, Invisibility)
* Collect Daily Bonus (Potions) to use “Save Me” option and get high scores
* Complete 30+ Achievements to get Achievement Bonus.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Android

Pricing and Availability:
Flocks is a free to play game available worldwide through App Store & Google Play Store in the Games Arcade category.Type your paragraph here.

“Flocks” is a new side scrolling adventure for the casual game audience. In Flocks, the player, frees birds and leads the Flock of birds through a castle avoiding pillars. The game progressively becomes difficult as the number of follower birds (flock) increases. The player can choose to add followers to the flock. Higher risk have higher rewards – each follower multiplies the Score. The game is a  classic arcade game with meaningful Progression.

​Flocks :  modern take on a classic arcade game..

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